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Exchange Server 2007 - Articles & Guides

Exchnage 2007 Server - List of Powershell Commands (cmdlets)
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 includes a command-line management interface called Exchange Management Shell. The Exchange Management Shell is used for administering servers in an Exchange 2007......

How to Allow Application Servers to Relay via Exchange 2007 Server
Out of box configurations in Exchange (all versions) allow authenticated relaying. In case your internal servers are able to authenticate; then without any modifications they should be able to relay. Well, if the Server/Device is unable to authenticate and you try to relay, then you would get the SMTP error message "550 5.7.1 Unable to relay".....

Transport Rules - Conditions | Actions | Exceptions
What a Transport Rules - They are a new feature included as a part of Exchange Server 2007. For any e-mails that come in, go out or routed via an Exchange 2007 organization, using Tranport Rules we can apply messaging policies, and varoius AV/AS restrictions as a part of policy compliance that we might want to place. Example: applying disclaimers to all outgoing e-mails ......

How to Configure Autodiscover Service for Cross Forest Mailbox Move
When we move user mailboxes across Forests, there are certain tasks that we need to perform to make sure that users will be able to use the Autodiscover service after mailboxes have been moved from one forest to another. We will discuss the configuration required for Autodiscover Service for Cross Forest Moves......

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