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Houses cheaper than a flight to USA ????

I wonder what is happening to Journalists in India. All they want is some piece of news, not to worry about its accuracy or viability. I was going through a news item on Times of India yesterday and what I read was nothin less that humourous.

Well, what made me wonder was what the writer was trying to say about the prices. Well, in India also you can get cheap houses, but what the writer it seems to have forgotten is that the places he has mentioned are by no means the safest cities in USA. When a Indian student/employee goes to USA, the first thing to look at is a safe neighbourhood, you do not want to be in trouble and pick up a fight or else be stabbed for money (when you have none hahaha !!).

Maybe yes go ahead and buy, but buying a house is not that an easy a process. Theoretically, yes looks nice, but then I think in India jounalism is turning more into SPICY STUFF….catchy headlines that people will read to increase their viewership … thats it !!!

Or isn’t it…..I doubt !!!

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