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An English Evening - Football & Beer !

Derby vs Preston (2:2) - Draw !!!!

Come on RAMS……Thanks to Edward Grimwood and Steven WilliamsSteve Williams & Edward Grimwood (front) finally I did experience a English football match. It was an experience, music, dance, abusive language all around and yes do not dare to speak a word against the home team hahaha….I tried and Woody almost disowned me. Guys are passsionate about the sport here, like we in India are about Cricket.

Not a Premier League match, but one of the team was participant in Premier League, until they were relegated - the Hometeam yesssss Derby, UK that where I am these days. Well it was not up to the mark according to guys, and Derby (RAM) FootBall Groundthey felt it was pretty quiet, but I feel it was good considering this was my first experience.

 Come on RAMS

 I am dying to experience a ManU vs Chelsea or Arsenal … it was would be deafening. Well the preparation was great, a few pints of beer, match interval was a well deserved break for the small job (could contain no more) and another round of beer and burgers.

It was my best evening in Derby to date (yes yes I went pub hunting twice), post match joined by Ian Whysall and Oliver Thorpe (who was in the other part of the same ground). Mr Whysall is my english version when it comes to driving :-). Well it was another round of beers, and then another place called Brunswick Inn, famous for it Ale, followed by Shalimar, the curry house. Good food resulted in a bet, and obviously I had to let Woody win….win at what…well well well eating Chillies - Green Chillies, the hottest ones that the guy at Shalimar brought, he had 24 years of experience at that ha ha ha. I am a good actor I must say ;-) !!

To sum it up, I was with a nice bunch of guys/gentlemen, felt good and had a wonderful time, toooooo bad I forgot to click snaps post the match, though I had my camera all the time.

Thanks Guys …. Mr Williams I am looking forward to Dubai, hope you remember !!!

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