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Exchange 2007 - Message Tracking Logs Corruption

Message Tracking Logs are one of the best friends of any Exchange Administrator, we need them day in day out. But what happens, if the logs start reporting partial issues. 

The Error:

Couple of days ago, I was assisting someone, in resolving an issue in reporting the Message Tracking Logs. The error was something like this: Get-MessageTrackingLog : An internal processing error caused the search to fail  At line:1 char:23. The admin was able to track all messages except RECEIVED by a particular user.


MT Error

The Resolution:

  • Step 1: Disable MT on the Server (most probably the Hub Transport Server)
    MT Disable
  • Step 2: Stop 3 Exchange Services [Exchange Mail Submission | Exchange Transport Log Search |  Transport]
    Stop Services
  • Step 3: Rename/Delete the Last Message Tracking Log file, the path can be found by going to Server Configuration | Hub Transport | Hub Transport server | Properties | Log Settings tab
    MT Logs
  • Step 4: Start the 3 Exchange Services [Exchange Mail Submission | Exchange Transport Log Search |  Transport]
  • Step 5: Enable MT Logs by using, Set-TransportServer <Identity> -MessageTrackingLogEnabled <$true | $false>

Now, let the Log regenerate and try to track the messages again, voila you are done !!!!

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One Response to “Exchange 2007 - Message Tracking Logs Corruption”

  1. Michael said on:

    This worked! Thanks for the fix.

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