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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Transport Server Role Architecture Diagrams

Just yesterday I was discussing that Architectural Diagrams for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 are not available yet. And now I see that diagrams for Hub Transport server role and Hub Transport extensibility have been made available.


Many components are involved in the transport of messages through the Exchange Server 2010 mail flow pipeline. The Hub Transport server role diagram can help you understand the role each component plays in the processing of messages that enter the Exchange 2010 mail flow pipeline. Exchange administrators can use this information to help diagnose mail flow problems. The Hub Transport extensibility diagram can help you understand how the agents process a message that is in the Exchange 2010 mail flow pipeline. Developers can use this information to help create third-party agents and applications to work with Exchange 2010

The files available for download are:

  • Exchange2010_HubTransportExtensibility.pdf
  • Exchange2010_HubTransportRoleArchitecture.pdf

Download here:

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