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Product Review – GFI MailArchiver

Information retention is no more restricted to documents on file servers and databases. It is common knowledge that, on an average 70% of Business critical information is found in Messaging Systems (ex: Microsoft Exchange Server). E-mail has grown from communication mode to preferred medium of InGFI MailArchiver - Overviewformation Storage for users. This has resulted in Organizations using Archiving & Journaling features to fulfill compliance requirements of Organization policies and acts like HIPAA, SOX etc, apart from fighting Quota restrictions and PST nuisance.

With limited out of box features in Exchange, there is a need for Third Party Archiving software, and that’s where GFI MailArchiver comes into picture. Having been involved in designing solutions for customers ranging from SMBs to Enterprise, I have had the opportunity to test and use GFI MailArchiver for Microsoft Exchange, though it supports other messaging systems too.

A Quick look at GFI MailArchiver:
  • Price of License includes SMA and starts from $9 for large number of mailboxes to as high as $29 per mailbox for upto 10 mailboxes. (as listed, though would recommend price negotiations to everyone who intends to buy). Keep an eye on Licenses procured and number of accounts in AD, else you would be in for a surprise if Archiving stops.
  • Easy to install with multi-lingual support (Languages - 14 for Client Area and 5 for Administration Console)
  • Is installed on Windows Server 2000 (SP3) and above - with AD integration.
  • Supports all versions of Exchange Server from 2000 to 2010
  • Supports SQL Database and Firebird for small shops, with features for managing growth – new databases on demand and Single Instance Storage
  • Populates Archive Database by way of initial importing of mails from PST (in case mails were scattered across the organization in form of PSTs) and then Journal Mailbox feature of Exchange.
  • Easy to configure and implement Email Retention Policies
  • Ease of Access – Outlook Integration (online & offline access) and Web based access via browser
  • Search options available for Attachment type, source, destination, time of delivery etc…
  • Quick and Easy - Restoration of Single Item or entire Mailbox
  • Limited permission based combinations for access to mails in the archive and Security Auditing including user interaction and database activity followed with Alerts & Reports. With RBAC in Exchange 2010, I would love to see same level of capability here too.
  • Ensures Compliance to Organization Policies and Regulations, provided users are given only Read-Only permissions to the archives.



My Ratings:

StarStarStarStarStar [5] - Ease of Installation & Maintenance
StarStarStarStar     [4] - eDiscovery and Reporting
StarStarStarStarStar [5] - End-user experience
StarStarStarStarStar [5] - Cost of Ownership
StarStarStarStar     [4] - Features provided

Overall A good product with features that I would want in an Archiving Product. Easy to Use and Maintain. Would Strongly Recommend GFI MailArchiver to all SMBs.

Enterprise customers would still wait for some additional attention to eDiscovery, Legal Hold, Reporting, Honor based Model etc. 


Disclaimer: This Review is not intended to promote GFI MailArchvier and readers are expected to Download and test suitability in their environments. The review is mine and does not represent those of my employers (past or present) or any other entity. I give no warranty or guarantee whatsoever regarding the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information provided here…

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3 Responses to “Product Review – GFI MailArchiver”

  1. Josie Suttle said on:

    Great post, I bet a lot of work and research went into this article.

  2. T. Wilkinson said on:

    Thanks for the review…

    Can you discuss the problem areas with GFI and eDiscovery? What has been overlooked and/or what are the concerns you have with it?

  3. Nitin Gupta said on:

    Hi Wil,

    It depends on what your actual requirements are, GFI as such is a good product and is pure value for money, if you are an enterprise customer then with a huge setup you would want different role based access groups/individuals whom you would want varying level of access, that is where GFI is still not that strong. But if you are a SMB then there you go…


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