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Exchange 2010: Features not available in Exchange Management Console (EMC)

There has been a lot of work gone into bringing lot of functionality into Exchange Management Console, but there is still a lot than can only be performed from Exchange Management Shell (EMS).

Here is a list of all the features that are managed from EMS, though with SP1 things are changing…..

  • Address rewriting
  • Administrator audit logging
  • Attachment filter agent
  • Client access array
  • Cmdlet extension agents
  • Database availability group network encryption and compression
  • Database availability groups: Datacenter Activation Coordination mode
  • Database availability groups: replication port
  • Delivery agent connectors
  • Edge synchronization (EdgeSync) service settings, configure
  • EdgeSync, forcing or testing
  • Exchange ActiveSync connectivity, test
  • Exchange ActiveSync log, export
  • Exchange Control Panel connectivity, test
  • Exchange Search
  • Global address lists (GALs)
  • IMAP4 connectivity, test
  • Import\export mailbox data
  • Information Rights Management (IRM), configure
  • IP Allow and Block List providers, test
  • IP site link costs, Exchange-specific
  • Message flow, test
  • Messaging records management (MRM) 1.0: Managed folders
  • MRM 2.0: Retention policies
  • Multi-Mailbox Search
  • Offline address book virtual directory, create
  • Outlook client connectivity, test end-to-end
  • Outlook Protection Rules
  • Outlook Web App connectivity, test
  • Outlook Web App virtual directories, create or remove
  • Outlook Web services connectivity, test
  • POP3 connectivity, test
  • PowerShell, test connectivity
  • PowerShell, virtual directories
  • RBAC management role assignment Policies
  • RBAC management role groups
  • RBAC management roles
  • RBAC management role entries
  • RBAC management role assignments
  • RBAC management scopes
  • Recovery database, create
  • Recovery database, extract data
  • Recovery items
  • Routing group connectors
  • Safelist aggregation, force
  • Sender ID, test
  • Service e-mail channel
  • Transport agents
  • Transport latency, calculating
  • Transport pipeline analysis
  • UM connectivity, test
  • UM incoming calls, view active
  • Web services connectivity, test
  • X.400 authoritative domains

In days to come more and more of these will move to EMC or ECP (and are moving like RBAC) !



Update: Thanks Amit for the correction Shell ~ Console ;-) !

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